Team Virtual Plants

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Section: Software


Participants : Frédéric Boudon, Christophe Godin, Yann Guédon, Christophe Pradal [ coordinator ] , Daniel Barbeau, Florence Chaubert-Pereira, Jérôme Chopard, Thomas Cokelaer, David Da Silva, Jean-Baptiste Durand, Pascal Ferraro, Eric Moscardi, Szymon Stoma.

Other participant: Aida Ouangraoua (LaBRI, Bordeaux).

Computer algorithms and tools developed by the Virtual Plants team are integrated in a common software suite V-Plants , dedicated to the modeling and analysis of plant development at different scales (e.g. cellular tissue, whole plant, stand). The VPlants packages are integrated in OpenAlea as Python components.

In 2009, the V-Plants packages have been integrated as components of the OpenAlea platform (see Section 5.2 ). Several components are distributed and usable through the visual programming environment (see figure 2 ):

Figure 1. V-Plants components of the OpenAlea platform: simulating plant processes at different scales. Top Left: Reconstruction of a virtual meristem, analysis and simulation of the auxin fluxes inside the meristem. Top Right: Reconstruction of a virtual apple tree from digitized data. Bottom: Simulation of an ecosystem (A beech “Fagus Sylvatica L. ” trees forest) with a multi level approaches. On the left, explicit representation of the crown volumes that serves as input to generate the detailed representation, on the right.


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