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Major publications by the team in recent years

P. Barbier de Reuille, I. Bohn-Courseau, K. Ljung, H. Morin, N. Carraro, C. Godin, J. Traas.
Computer simulations reveal novel properties of the cell-cell signaling network at the shoot apex in Arabidopsis, in: PNAS, 2006, vol. 103, p. 1627-1632
J.-B. Durand, P. Gonçalvès, Y. Guédon.
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An edit distance between quotiented trees, in: Algorithmica, 2003, vol. 48, p. 385-406.
P. Ferraro, C. Godin, P. Prusinkiewicz.
Toward a quantification of self-similarity in plants, in: Fractals, 2005, vol. 13, no 2, p. 91-109
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A multiscale model of plant topological structures, in: Journal of Theoretical Biology, 1998, vol. 191, p. 1-46
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Y. Guédon.
Estimating hidden semi Markov chains from discrete sequences, in: Journal of Computational and Graphical Statistics, 2003, vol. 12, no 3, p. 604-639.

Publications of the year

Articles in International Peer-Reviewed Journal

F. Chaubert - Pereira, Y. Caraglio, C. Lavergne, Y. Guédon.
Identifying ontogenetic, environmental and individual components of forest tree growth., in: Annals of Botany, 2009, vol. 104, no 5, p. 883–896
F. Chaubert - Pereira, Y. Guédon, C. Lavergne, C. Trottier.
Markov and semi-Markov switching linear mixed models used to identify forest tree growth components., in: Biometrics, 2009
E. Farcot, J.-L. Gouzé.
Periodic Solutions of Piecewise Affine Gene Network Models with Non Uniform Decay Rates: The Case of a Negative Feedback Loop, in: Acta Biotheoretica, 2009, vol. 57, no 4, p. 429–455
S. Mondet, W. Cheng, G. Morin, R. Grigoras, F. Boudon, W. Tsang Ooi.
Compact and Progressive Plant Models for Streaming in Networked Virtual Environments, in: ACM Transactions on Multimedia Computing, Communications, and Applications (TOMCCAP), aug 2009, vol. 5, no 3, p. 1–22
C. Pradal, F. Boudon, C. Nouguier, J. Chopard, C. Godin.
PlantGL : a Python-based geometric library for 3D plant modelling at different scales, in: Graphical Models, jan 2009, vol. 71, no 1, p. 1–21

International Peer-Reviewed Conference/Proceedings

A. Doran, S. Mondet, R. Grigoras, G. Morin, W. Tsang Ooi, F. Boudon.
A Demonstration of MobiTree: Progressive 3D Tree Models Streaming on Mobile Clients, in: ACM Multimedia 2009, Beijing, ACM, oct 2009
J. Wither, F. Boudon, M.-P. Cani, C. Godin.
Structure from silhouettes: a new paradigm for fast sketch-based design of trees, in: Computer Graphic Forum. Special issue: Eurographics 2009, 2009, vol. 28 (2), p. 541–550
D.-M. Yan, J. Wintz, B. Mourrain, W. Wang, F. Boudon, C. Godin.
Efficient and robust reconstruction of botanical branching structure from laser scanned points, in: 11th IEEE International conference on Computer-Aided Design and Computer Graphics (CAD/Graphics 2009), 2009

Workshops without Proceedings

T. Cokelaer, C. Pradal, C. Fournier.
Plant modelling with Python components in OpenAlea, in: EuroSciPy 2009, 2009

Internal Reports

E. Farcot, J.-L. Gouzé.
Limit cycles in piecewise-affine gene network models with multiple interaction loops, INRIA, Mar 2009, no RR-6875, INRIA Research Report.
E. Farcot, J.-L. Gouzé.
Qualitative control of periodic solutions in piecewise affine systems; application to genetic networks, INRIA, Dec 2009, no RR-7130, INRIA Research Report.

References in notes

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