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Section: Other Grants and Activities


Collaborations with other INRIA Project-teams

We collaborate with several Inria project-teams. We collaborate with the ESPRESSO EPI for the development of the Sigali tool inside the Polychrony environment. With the Pop Art EPI on the use of the controller synthesis methodology for the control of control-command systems (e.g. robotic systems). With Distribcom on security testing in the context of the Politess grant and on stochastic games with partial observation. With the S4 EPI on the use of control, game theory and diagnosis for test generation as well as on the study of timed modal specifications, in the context of the Combest grant. With the VASY EPI on the use of CADP libraries in TGV and the distribution of TGV in the CADP toolbox.

Collaborations with French Research Groups outside INRIA

We collaborate with LIG (Vasco teams and Verimag) in Grenoble in the context of the RNRT Politess grant. We also work in collaboration with the LSV Cachan on topological and probabilistic semantics for timed automata. With LURPA Cachan, LaBRI Bordeaux and I3S Nice we collaborate on testing control-command systems in the context of the RNTL TesTec grant.

International Collaborations

Université Mons-Hainaut

(Prof. Thomas Brihaye) on verification of timed systems.

Université Libre Bruxelles

in Belgium (Prof. Thierry Massart) on testing and control of symbolic transitions systems. Gabriel Kalyon visited us for 1 week in september.

University of Madrid

(Prof. Manuel Clavel) on theorem proving for rewriting logic.

ETH Zurich

(Marina Egea) on formal semantics conformance in model-driven engineering

University of Michigan

in USA (Prof. Stéphane Lafortune) on control and diagnosis of discrete event systems.


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