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Section: Other Grants and Activities

European and International Grants

Artist Design Network of Excellence

Participants : Nathalie Bertrand, Thierry Jéron, Hervé Marchand, Vlad Rusu.

The central objective for ArtistDesign is to build on existing structures and links forged in Artist2, to become a virtual Center of Excellence in Embedded Systems Design. This will be mainly achieved through tight integration between the central players of the European research community. Also, the consortium is smaller, and integrates several new partners. These teams have already established a long-term vision for embedded systems in Europe, which advances the emergence of Embedded Systems as a mature discipline.

The research effort aims at integrating topics, teams, and competencies, grouped into 4 Thematic Clusters: “Modelling and Validation”, “Software Synthesis, Code Generation, and Timing Analysis”, “Operating Systems and Networks”, “Platforms and MPSoC”. “Transversal Integration” covering both industrial applications and design issues aims for integration between clusters.

The Vertecs EPI is a partner of the “Validation” activity of the “Modeling and Validation” cluster. The objective is to address the growth in complexity of future embedded products while reducing time and cost to market. This requires methods allowing for early exploration and assessment of alternative design solutions as well as efficient methods for verifying final implementations. This calls for a range of model-based validation techniques ranging from simulation, testing, model-checking, compositional techniques, refinement as well as abstract interpretation. The challenge will be in designing scalable techniques allowing for efficient and accurate analysis of performance and dependability issues with respect to the various types of (quantitative) models considered. The activity brings together the leading teams in Europe in the area of model-based validation.

Combest. European Strep Project

Participant : Nathalie Bertrand.

We are partners of the Combest European Strep Project . The aim of this project is to provide a theoretical framework as well as implemented methods and tools for the component-based design of embedded systems. Our role in Combest is to work on timed components, and more precisely develop a theory around timed modal specifications.

PHC Procope PIPS: Partial Information Probabilistic Systems

Participant : Nathalie Bertrand.

The objective of this bilateral collaboration [2009-2010] with the group of Prof. Christel Baier in TU Dresden (Germany) is to study partially observable probabilistic systems. M. Groesser visited us during one week and N. Bertrand visited Dresden for three weeks.


Participants : Nathalie Bertrand, Thierry Jéron, Hervé Marchand.

This two years collaboration [2009-2010] with ENIS Sfax Tunisia (Maher Ben Jemaa and Moez Krichen) is targetted on testing embedded systems and adaptability (with the Paris project team). It is funded by an DGRST - INRIA grant which involves visits on both sides and scholarships for Tunisian students. M. Krichen visited Vertecs during one week and T. Jéron and H. Marchand visited ENIS Sfax during one week.

Associated team (Equipe Associée ) TReaTiES

Participants : Nathalie Bertrand, Thierry Jéron, Hervé Marchand.

This associated team with the Federal University of Campina Grande (Prof. Patrícia D. L. Machado) and University Pernambuco (Prof. Augusto Sampaio) in Brazil started in 2009. The objective is to work on test case generation, selection and abstraction for embedded real-time systems. In 2009 we had the visit of Sidney Nogueira and N. Bertrand, T. Jéron and H. Marchand visited the Brazilian team.


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