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Section: Other Grants and Activities

National Grants & Contracts

RNTL TesTec: Test of Real-time and critical embedded System

Participants : Nathalie Bertrand, Thierry Jéron, Hervé Marchand.

The TESTEC project is a three years [2008-2010] industrial research project that gathers two companies: an end-user (EDF R&D ) and one software editor for embedded real-time systems and automation systems (Geensys), and four laboratories from automation engineering and computer science (I3S, INRIA Rennes, LaBRI, LURPA). This project focuses on automatic generation and execution of tests for the class of embedded real-time systems. They are highly critical. Such systems can be found in many industrial domains, such as energy, transport systems. More precisely the project TESTEC will address two crucial technological issues:

The overall aim of this project is to propose a software tool for generation and execution of tests; this tool will be based on an existing environment for embedded systems design and will implement the scientific results of the project.

RNRT POLITESS: Security Policies for Network Information Systems: Modeling, Deployment, Testing and Supervision

Participants : Jérémy Dubreil, Thierry Jéron, Hervé Marchand, Vlad Rusu.

The POLITESS project ( ) [2006-2008] involves GET (INT Evry and ENST Rennes), INPG-IMAG (LSR and VERIMAG laboratories), France Telecom R&D Caen, Leyrios Technologies, SAP Research, AQL Silicomp Rennes and Irisa. In a sense, this project is an extension of the Potestat project. The objective of the project is to study and provide methodological guidelines and software solutions for a formal approach to security of networks. This encompasses the specification of high level security policies with clear semantics, their deployment on the network in terms of security artifacts and the analysis of this deployment, testing and monitoring of security based on models of security policies and abstract models of networks. Our team is involved in several activities, in particular in modelling (defining adequate models for both the system and security policies), testing (modelling security testing, test generation/selection), supervision (intrusion detection, diagnosis) and case studies. The final review of POLITESS took place in February 2009.


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