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Participant : Thierry Jéron [ contact ] .

TGV (Test Generation with Verification technology) is a tool for test generation of conformance test suites from specifications of reactive systems [4] . It is based on the IOLTS model, a well defined theory of testing, and on-the-fly test generation algorithms coming from verification technology. Originally, TGV allows test generation focused on well defined behaviors formalized by test purposes. The main operations of TGV are (1) a synchronous product which identifies sequences of the specification accepted by a test purpose, (2) abstraction and determinisation for the computation of next visible actions, (3) selection of test cases by the computation of reachable states from the initial states and co-reachable states from accepting states. TGV has been developed in collaboration with Vérimag Grenoble and uses libraries of the CADP toolbox (VERIMAG and VASY). TGV can be seen as a library that can be linked to different simulation tools through well defined APIs. An academic version of TGV is distributed in the CADP toolbox and allows test generation from Lotos specifications by a connection to its simulator API. The same API is used for a connection with the UMLAUT validation framework of UML models. This version has been transferred in the SDL ObjectGéode toolset as part of the TestComposer tool. A new version of TGV has been adapted to a new API of the IF simulator (VERIMAG ) allowing test generation from IF and UML models (via a compilation from UML to IF). This new version TGV-IF extends the previous one with new functionalities for coverage based test generation combined with test purposes based test generation. This year some CADP libraries used in TGV-IF have been replaced with STL libraries in order to gain some independency with respect to CADP and allow easier porting. The first version of TGV is protected by APP (Agence de Protection des Programmes) Number IDDN.FR.001.310012.00.R.P.1997.000.2090. TGV-IF is currently being deposited at APP.


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