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Section: Application Domains

Software Embedded Systems

In the context of transport, software embedded systems are increasingly predominant. This is particularly important in automotive systems, where software replaces electronics for power train, chassis (e.g. engine control, steering, brakes) and cabin (e.g. wiper, windows, air conditioning) or new services to passengers are increasing (e.g. telematics, entertainment). Car manufacturers have to integrate software components provided by many different suppliers, according to specifications. One of the problems is that testing is done late in the life cycle, when the complete system is available. Faced with these problems, but also complexity of systems, compositionality of components, distribution, etc, car manufacturers now try to promote standardized interfaces and component-based design methodologies. They also develop virtual platforms which allow for testing components before the system is complete. It is clear that software quality and trust are one of the problems that have to be tackled in this context. This is why we believe that our techniques (testing and control) can be useful in such a context.


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