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Section: New Results

International initiatives

Associated Teams and Other International Projects

McGill-VEGAS associated team . This INRIA program is a joint project between our group and the computational geometry laboratory of McGill University (Montréal), and in particular Sue Whitesides. This associated team was started in 2002 under the name McGill-ISA before the creation of VEGAS. The research theme is 3D visibility  [1] , [2] , [3] , [6] , [9][11] , [13] , [14] , [16] , [24] , [35][41] , [42] , [44] , [47] , [51] , [52] , [53] , [59] , [60] , [61] , [66] and, more generally, computational geometry. In this context, we organize regular international workshops (1st to 8th McGill - INRIA Workshop on Computational Geometry in Computer Graphics, 2002 - 2009) which regroup, for one week, 15 to 25 researchers from around the world. Many research projects were initiated during these workshops on the theme of 3D visibility and line geometry [2] , [3] , [9] , [13] , [41] , [43] , [44] , [48] , [49] , [52] , [53] . Note finally that our former Ph.D. student, L. Zhang, whom defended in August, was co-supervised with S. Whitesides. Also, S. Whitesides has moved in August to the university of Victoria (Canada).

In the context of this cooperation, INRIA supported VEGAS up to 5 Keuros, and the Canadian side provided an equivalent support through S. Whitesides' personal NSERC grant.

KAIST-INRIA associated team. This INRIA program is a joint project between VEGAS and the Theory of Computation Laboratory of the KAIST University of Daejeon, in Korea, more particularly the group of Otfried Cheong. It started in 2008, following a 2-years PHC grant. The research theme is Discrete and Computational Geometry, in general, with a particular emphasis on questions where both continuous and discrete aspects come into play and interact. We organized a kick-off workshop in 2008, and continued the collaboration in 2009 through mutual visits, including a two-months visit to LORIA by Hyo-Sil Kim a PhD student from KAIST. The projects on which we collaborate include line geometry [21] , [27] , [32] , [29] , bounded curvature path planning [36] and geometric data structures [33][50] .

In 2009, this cooperation was supported for 13 kE by INRIA and for 2.4 kE by our partners.

Sylvain Petitjean started a collaboration with Pr. Gert Vegter of the University of Groningen on “Certified Geometric Approximation”. This collaboration is funded by the Netherlands Organization for Scientific Research (NWO) - 2008–2012. Fatma Senguler Ciftci started her PhD co-advised by S. Petitjean and G. Vegter in June 2009.


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