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Section: Dissemination


Assia Mahboubi and Benjamin Werner coadvise the thesis of Cyril Cohen. Benjamin Werner and Germain Faure coadvise the thesis of Chantal Keller. Benjamin Werner is thesis co-adviser of Arnaud Spiwack, Eric Biagoli, and François Garillot. Bruno Barras is the thesis advisor of Bruno Bernardo. Bruno Barras coadvises the thesis of Vincent Silès. Gilles Dowek is the thesis advisor of Mathieu Boespflug, Denis Cousineau, and Lisa Allali.

Assia Mahboubi, Bruno Barras, Gilles Dowek, and Benjamin Werner teach at the Master Parisien de Recherche en Informatique .

Germain Faure teaches at École Polytechnique.

Lisa Allali was a teaching assistant at the Museum National d'Histoire Naturelle until September 2009.

Vincent Siles and Arnaud Spiwack are teaching assistants at École Polytechnique.

Bruno Bernardo and Denis Cousineau were teaching assistants at the University Paris VII until September 2009.

Gilles Dowek is professor at École Polytechnique.

Mathieu Boespflug is a teaching assistant at École Polytechnique.

Benjamin Werner is part-time professor (professeur chargé de cours) at École Polytechnique. Since October 2009 he is vice-president of the computer science department, in charge of the 3rd and 4th study years.

Benjamin Werner teaches courses at Polytechnique for students of the 2nd and 3rd years (L3, M1) and gives a courses for master's students at MPRI (M2) in alternance with Gilles Dowek.

This year, Benjamin Werner gave a course on Coq at the VTSA'09 orgnized in Nancy by Stefan Merz for INRIA-Lorraine and Max-Planck Institut.

Assia Mahboubi has supervised the research master internship of Cyril Cohen (MPRI/ENS Cachan).

Assia Mahboubi has supervised the research internship of Salil Joshi (4th year student at IIT Delhi). This internship took place at the Inria Microsoft Research Joint Centre.

Assia Mahboubi has given a course on the ssreflect extension at the JFLA 2009 national conference.

Assia Mahboubi teaches at École Nationale Supérieure des Techniques Avancées (ENSTA).

Assia Mahboubi has taught a course on introduction to type-theory based proof assistant to the UNESCO-CIMPA summer school “Méthodes Effectives et Logiciels de la Logique et de l'Algèbre pour la Géomètrie Algébrique Réelle et la Cryptographie” at Yaoundé University (Cameroon).


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