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Section: Dissemination

Animation of the scientific community

Organisation of Conferences and Workshops

Germain Faure and Assia Mahboubi organized an international workshop on the integration of SAT and SMT solvers into (Isabelle/)HOL on 10 and 11th September 2009 at LIX. People from Cambridge, Munich and Saclay attend this workshop.

Editorial charges

Assia Mahboubi serves in the program committee of the ITP-2010 (merge of the TPHOLs conference and ACL2 workshop) international conference.

Assia Mahboubi and Bruno Barras serve in the program committee of the JFLA 2010 national conference.


Assia Mahboubi has served in the committee “Commission de recrutement” for the “Maître de confèrence” position and “Chaire CNRS” in computer sciences at École Normale Supérieure de Lyon (ENS Lyon).


Germain Faure has served as referee for :

Assia Mahboubi has served as referee for :

Bruno Barras refereed papers for JFLA'10 and Journal of Automated Reasoning.

Mathieu Boespflug refereed for the ICFP'09 international conference.


Assia Mahboubi has visited:


Denis Cousineau has participated and given a talk at the following events or conferences:

Assia Mahboubi has participated and given a talk at the following events or conferences:

Germain Faure has participated and given a talk at the following events or conferences:

Bruno Bernardo has attended TPHOLs 2009 and the Coq workshop in Munich, Germany (August 2009). He presented a poster at the Emerging Trends of TPHOLs'09.

Chantal Keller attended the TYPES´09 meeting (Aussois). She presented her Maters's internship work about importing HOL-Light proofs into Coq.

Mathieu Boespflug attended LICS'09, NbE'09, and TYPES'09.

Arnaud Spiwack attended the TYPES'09 meeting (Aussois). He also took part in the Workshop “Formal Methods in Commutative Algebra” (Oberwolfach, Germany)

Bruno Barras participated to the following conferences:

Bruno Barras gave an invited talk at JFLA'09, and a regular talk at the Types workshop and the first Coq Workshop.

Popular science

Assia Mahboubi has given a popular science talk at the INRIA Saclay – Île-de- France popular science seminar “Unithé ou Café”.

Other charges

Bruno Barras is consultant in formal methods at Trusted Labs, located in Versailles.

Benjamin Werner is a member of the scientific council of INRIA.

Benjamin Werner was vice-president of the recruiting comitee for joung researchers (CR) of INRIA-Saclay. He was member of the recruiting jury of the chaire d'excellence (young researcher, mixed reserch / teaching position) ENS-Cachan and INRIA.

Gilles Dowek is vice-head of the department of computer science of École Polytechnique.

Assia Mahboubi is representant of LIX researchers at the “Comité Enseignement-Recherche” of the teaching department of École polytechnique (DIX).

Assia Mahboubi is in charge of the TypiCal seminar.

Assia Mahboubi and Germain Faure have presented the LIX laboratory to the incoming students of the École Polytechnique in 2009.

Germain Faure is the coordinator of the INRIA ARC Corias that involves teams from INRIA Nancy Grand-Est, Bordeaux Grand-Ouest, and Saclay Île-de-France.

Denis Cousineau and Jean-Marc Notin are the webmasters of the Coq and TypiCal websites.

Denis Cousineau is the webmaster of Dedukti website.


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