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Section: Contracts and Grants with Industry

Digitéo PASO

The PASO project (Preuves, Interprétation abstraite, and Optimisation cal properties of programs, arising in particular from the modeling of complex systems with critical security issues. It gathers computer scientists from CEA-LIST/MeASI, INRIA Saclay/Typical & LIX and specialists from Optimisation or Control theory from LIX/MeASI, INRIA Saclay/Maxplus & CMAP, and Supelec/L2S. The goal of this exploratory project is to cross-fertilise these fields, by applying advanced algorithms or techniques inspired by global optimization, by the analysis and identification of dynamical systems, or by zero-sum game theory, in order to improve the precision or the scalability of current methods in proof and static analysis. These applications coming from computer science turn out to raise new challenges for the applied mathematicians.


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