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Section: Contracts and Grants with Industry

OpenEmbeDD (RNTL)

Participants : Jean-Marc Jézéquel, Didier Vojtisek, Vincent Mahé.

OpenEmbeDD is a RNTL project which build an Eclipse open-source platform based on the MDE approach for developing Real-Time and Embedded systems. OpenEmbeDD integrates the technologies based on formal models from synchronous/asynchronous/mixed paradigms. This platform covers the 2 branches of the V cycle : specification/design/implementation et checking/validation. The building of the platform is in synergy with the Competitivity Clusters “SYSTEM@TIC-Paris Région” (Ile de France), “Aéronautique-Espace, Systèmes Embarqués” (Midi-Pyrénées) and “Images et Réseaux” (Bretagne). The platform is adopted in the research program CARROLL, this program is led for 2 years by the CEA, INRIA and THALES that are at the initiative of the OMG MARTE standard.

The main topics of the project are:

A part of the core of the platform is the metamodeling language Kermeta that is developed by the Triskell project team. In this context, Triskell has developped tools for metamodelling engineering (a graphical editor for Kermeta, a metamodel compiler). Triskell's members participate to the specification of the source generator for building automatically graphical editors. Triskell is also involved in the integration team who coordinates, tests and integrates the works of all the partners.

Project duration:


Triskell budget share:

300 keuros

Project Coordinator:



Airbus, Anyware Technologies, CEA-List, CS-SI, France Telecom, INRIA, LAAS, THALES (DAE and RT), Verimag


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