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Section: Contracts and Grants with Industry


Participants : Benoit Baudry, Jean-Marc Jézéquel, Sagar Sen.

The DOMINO project (Methods and processes for domain specific modelling) is funded by the french agency for research (ANR). It aims at proposing a development process based on a multi-view description of a system, each view being expressed with various domain specific modelling languages. Model-driven engineering is the core technology to define this process and is used to validate and verify the different artefacts produced at different steps of the process. A reliable process is crucial in the context of a multi-formalism approach to modelling. This process encompasses all the techniques needed to design, validate, and improve the software artefacts.

Triskell develops techniques to validate and test model transformations that are used to automate different steps of the process. These techniques are based on model synthesis techniques for automatic test input generation and on contracts to check the results of test cases. We also propose an incremental process to build and improve trust in model transformations that are encapsulated as reusable components.

The project ended in June 2009. The final review by ANR was positive, the DOMINO project reached the objectives stated in 2007 and partners in the project showed an actual collaboration in order to deliver significant results for quality improvement in model-driven development. As a result of DOMINO, we reported on the experiments performed on several industrial embedded system applications from the aviation, space and military areas. In particular we show how the Context Description Language can allow a better integration of formal methods with engineering practices [29] .

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79 keuros

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IRIT, Airbus, Sodifrance, CNES, CEA-LIST, ENSIETA, INRIA/Triskell


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