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Section: Contracts and Grants with Industry


Participants : Jean-Marc Jézéquel, Gilles Perrouin, Olivier Barais.

SPEEDS is an IST Integrated Project defining the new generation of end-to-end methodologies, processes and supporting tools for safety-critical embedded system design. They will enable European systems industry to evolve from model-based design of hardware/software systems, towards integrated component based construction of complete virtual system models.

SPEEDS partners are companies active in the entire supply chain: OEMs, suppliers, and tool vendors, supported by leading European research institutions. The technical pillars of the SPEEDS approach are:

Triskell mainly participates to the SP2 work package named heterogeneous rich components (HRC) to define a semantic-based common meta-model, which forms the foundations for the component based construction of complete virtual system models. In this context, Triskell mainly implements this year the static semantics checker of speeds model. The static semantics checker checks that a speeds model is statically well-formed. This checker is connected to the speeds bus and it can be invoked as a bus services. Triskell also provides supports on MDE tools and MDE techniques that can facilitate the integration of partners's tools.

Project duration:


Triskell budget share:

201 keuros

Project Coordinator:



Airbus Deutschland GmbH (A-D), Airbus France S.A.S. (A-F), DaimlerChrysler AG (DC), Israel Aircraft Industries Ltd (IAI), Robert Bosch GmbH, INRIA, Kuratorium OFFIS e.V., PARADES, Universite Joseph Fourier, TNI, I-Logix Israel Ltd, Extessy AG, Knorr Bremse Fekrendszerek Kft, Steyr GmbH & Co KG, SAAB AB, Esterel Technologies SA


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