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Section: Contracts and Grants with Industry


Participants : Olivier Barais, Grégory Nain.

IDA is a project which goal is to study how technologies can help people to stay as long as possible at home. Industrials, associations and public institutions of the metropolis of Rennes, are working together on the IDA project which aims to allow dependent people to stay at home as long as possible. Due to the large scale of the project, and the diversity of disabilities that have to be considered, the deployment context will be different for each equipped house. The technologies used will vary, in order to compensate handicaps or because a technology is already installed, and people do not want it to be removed. Moreover, the system installed in these houses will have to provide a remote access to the devices of the house, and transmit all the necessary information from the sensors of the house to a control center where information will be treated. INRIA helps in providing support for integrating devices and services and providing a solution for managing variability.

Project duration:


Triskell budget share:

10 keuros

Project Coordinator:

ASSAD Pays de Rennes



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