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Scientific Foundations
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New Results
Contracts and Grants with Industry
Other Grants and Activities

Section: Dissemination

Action for the research community

Nicolas Navet chairs with Thomas Nolte (MRTC Mälardalen) of the Sub-Committee on Real-Time Fault Tolerant Systems of the IEEE Industrial Electronic Society (IES) - Technical Committee on Factory Automation (TCFA).

Jean-Pierre Thomesse is DRRT at Region Lorraine.

Françoise Simonot-Lion is elected member of the administration board of École Nationale Supérieure des Mines de Nancy.

Ye-Qiong Song is member the administration board of ENSEM

Françoise Simonot-Lion is member of the Program committee of INRIA-Lorraine

Françoise Simonot-Lion chairs with Steve Hung (Clemson University, USA) the subcommittee “Automotive Electronic and Embedded Systems” of the IEEE Industrial Electronic Society (IES) - Technical Committee on Factory Automation (TCFA).

Ye-Qiong Song is the responsible of the "research by training" of CRI Nancy - Grand Est

Ye-Qiong Song is the head of the doctoral department of Computer Science of Lorraine.

Olivier Zendra is Head of the Documentation Committee, Head of the Sustainable Development Committee of INRIA Nancy Grand Est; he is member of the Health and Safety Committe of INRIA Nancy Grand Est - LORIA, member of the INRIA national workgroup on travel and elected member of the INRIA Nancy Grand Est Research Center Council; he was a member in 2009 of the INRIA Nancy Grand Est advisory group for the creation of the Camus team and a member in 2009 of the Office Allocation Commitee of LORIA.

Liliana Cucu is member of Commission des développements technologiques (CDT), Nancy and member of Commission des Utilisateurs des Moyens Informatiques (CUMI), Nancy

Françoise Simonot-Lion and Olivier Zendra are elected members of LORIA Laboratory Council.

Nicolas Navet was Assessor for a FRIA Phd grant application (Fonds pour la Formation à la Recherche dans l'Industrie et dans l'Agriculture, Belgium)

Jean-Pierre Thomesse was member of the AERES evaluation committee for ISAE, Toulouse.

Ye-Qiong Song was reviewer for the PhD of Patrick Meumeu (University of Paris 11) and Emna Bouazizi (University of Le Havre), member of the PhD defense committees of Fei Yin (University of Paris 6), Jean-Paul Wetzel (Nancy University) and Ning Jia. He was member of the Habilitation (HdR) defense committee of Emmanuel Grolleau (University of Poitiers); Nicolas Navet was member of the Phd of Julien Forget(ISAE, Toulouse); Françoise Simonot-Lion was reviewer for the PhD of Youssef Laarouchi (INPT, Toulouse), Caroline Lu (INPT, Toulouse), Cédric Berbra (INPG, Grenoble), Nadège Pontisso (Toulouse University), Minh Duc Nguyen (Toulouse University); Nicolas Navet was Member of the Master jury of Nadia Kabbali at ULB Bruxelles (department of Computer Science)


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