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Section: Software

MPIGate: Multi-Protocols Interface and Gateway for telehomecare and environment monitoring and control

Participants : Shahram Nourizadeh, Hugo Cruz Sanchez, Ye-Qiong Song.

For developing AAL (Ambient Assisted Living) or more generally the environment monitoring and control systems, heterogeneous wireless and wired networks will be used. To solve at the first time the interoperability problems, and then to ensure the application required QoS, we developed a software prototype called MPIGate. MPIGate includes two important components: a user interface for telehomecare and home automation, and a gateway for ensuring the interworking of the different networks. In its current version, the gateway ensures the communication between IP (Ethernet and Wifi), home automation networks (IHC and In One), Bluetooth and Zigbee. The interface already offers different services for a typical telehomecare system (services via internet, home automation tasks, health monitoring). Heterogeneous sensors can be used to build the actimery of the person living at home. This software prototype will be further extended to integrate a QoS middleware. Other operator oriented interface will also be added.


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