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Section: Dissemination

Animation of workshops

M. Deaconu, A. Lejay and D. Talay have organized in December 2009 a workshop on uncertainties in Nancy, gathering both people from academia and industry in view of developping interactions.

Within the framework of the GDR Mascot-Num, M. Deaconu has organized in collaboration with C. Prieur (Université Grenoble 1) a workshop Incertitudes et équations d'évolutions at Institut Henri Poincaré in May 2009.

P.-E. Jabin organized in January the third edition of the Cours Poupaud in Nice, with B. Maury as speaker, and in October an Etat de la recherche de la SMF session in Paris on “Applications des Mathématiques aux Sciences du Vivant”.

In April, D. Talay chaired the scientific committee of the Third Conference on Numerical Methods in Finance (Marne la Vallée). Jointly with F. Delarue (University of Nice Sophia Antipolis) and N. Touzi (Ecole Polytechnique) he organized a workshop on Stochastic Analysis for Partial Differential Equations in June at INRIA Sophia Antipolis.


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