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Section: Software

Simbad Autonomous and Evolutionary Robotics Simulator

Participant : Nicolas Bredèche [ correspondent ] .

Abstract: Simbad is an open source Java 3D robot simulator for scientific and educational purposes (Authors: Louis Hugues and Nicolas Bredèche). Simbad embeds two stand-alone additional packages: (1) a Neural Network library (PicoNode) and (2) an Artificial Evolution Engine (PicoEvo). The Simbad package is targeted towards Autonomous Robotics and Evolutionary Robotics for research and education. The packages may be combined or used alone. In the scope of Research in Evolutionary Robotics, the Simbad package package supports fast algorithm prototyping based on a comprehensive and easy-to-extend library. Simbad controllers can be transferred to real robots through easily-written interfaces (Khepera interface is available). The open-source nature of the project combined with easy-to-understand code makes it a good choice for teaching Autonomous and Evolutionary Robotics. Simbad is used in several AI and robotics courses: IFIPS engineering school (4th and 5th year) ; Master 1 at Université Paris-Sud ; Modex at Ecole Polytechnique.


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