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Section: Software

GenOuest, the Bioinformatics computing center of Biogenouest

Participants : Olivier Collin, Hugues Leroy, Olivier Sallou, Jacques Nicolas, Annabel Bourdé, Anthony Bretaudeau, Delphine Naquin, Aurélien Roult, Romaric Sabas, Ludmila Sarbu.

Main evolutions of the year have been:

Since its creation, the platform organizes an annual meeting including technical conferences on the platform's achievments but also invited speakers that give the opportunity to discover new organizations (other bioinformatics plateforms), new technologies (softwares), or scientific advances in bioinfomatics. The scientific theme of this year's meeting (26 oct.) was "Structural Biology and Bioinformatics". The platform was involved in the international workshop ISYiP "Information Systems for Insect Pests" (16-17 nov.). GenOuest has also hosted the Biograle meeting on large scale Bioinformatics(24-25 nov.).

The platfom is involved in different coordination activities at a national level. O. Collin is a member of the ReNaBi (Reseau National des plates-formes Bio-informatiques) steering board since July 2008 and a member of the scientific committee of Biogenouest. The GenOuest platform is in charge of the BioMAJ project, a joint project with INRA Jouy and INRA Toulouse. The platform is also involved in the BioWorkFlow program, a joint project with 5 other french bioinformatics platforms. GenOuest is an active member of Grisbi (GRIlles Support pour la BIologie), a group gathering 6 platforms, recently labelled by IBiSA. GenOuest is also involved in another IBiSA project named MobyleNet with other french bioinformatics platforms. GenOuest has established a partnership with NBCR (National Biomedical Computation Resource) in San Diego for the development of additional code of the Opal Toolkit.

Bioinformatics services hosting

The GenOuest bioinformatics platform is hosting bioinformatics services developed by external research teams who require computing power. It sometimes leads to common publications in case of stronger collaborations. We have for instance worked on the annotation of the plant pathogenic fungus Gaeumannomyces graminis var. tritici [5] and the EST database of the Pacific oyster (Crassostrea gigas)[11] .

Main hosted services are ( ):


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