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Section: Other Grants and Activities

European and international initiatives

The main international teams we cooperate with are the following

International programs

Integrated Project ACGT

Participants : Dominique Lavenier, Basavanneppa Tallur, Julien Jacques, Jacques Nicolas.

The project ( ) aims at delivering the cancer research community an integrated CIT environment enabled by a powerful GRID infrastructure. Our contribution concerns parallelism (Grid development, tumor growth simulation) and data mining (integration of CHAVL in a R environment).

Application of combinatorial optimization (PHC RILA, Bulgaria)

Participants : Rumen Andonov, Nicola Yanev.

This program is managed by the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The project focusses on the application of combinatorial optimization techniques in the domain of protein structure comparison/prediction. This domain is rich in NP-hard problems and the goal of the project is to propose and to analyse new mathematical models for solving these problems.

We also collaborate with South-West University, Blagoevgrad in Bulgaria. This collaboration is supported by a bulgarian project DVU/01/197.

SECyT-INRIA-CNRS cooperation program (Argentina)

Participants : François Coste [ correspondant ] , Matthias Gallé.

With G. Infante-Lopez, head of the GPLN , Universidad Nacional de Córdoba, we started a new project entitled “linguistic modeling of genomic sequences by grammatical inference” thanks to the international cooperation program SECYT (Argentine)/CNRS-INRIA (France) . It aims at studying how formalisms and grammatical inference methods developped for natural language processing can be adapted for genomic sequences. This includes the co-tutored PhD thesis of M. Gallé on learning context-free grammars (see section 6.2.4 ). M. Gallé spent 3 months in Argentina while F. Coste and G. Infante-Lopez spent 2 weeks in the other partner team. We have also worked on the definition of a new approach for unsupervised learning of derivation trees.

PHC Sakura and Amadeus

Anne Siegel is also implied in programs supported by PHC Sakura (Japan) and PHC Amadeus (Austria) dedicated to the study of the dynamical properties of expansions in non integer basis and their relations with fractal theory and discrete geometry.

Freie Universität Berlin

Co-tutored Ph-D thesis with J. Bourdon.

Visiting scientists


The following scientists visited the Symbiose project.

Scientific visit exchanges


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