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Section: Dissemination

HdR, Theses, Internships


Theses defended in 2009

Karel Heurtefeux: “Self-organisation of wireless sensors networks ”, PhD thesis from INSA LYON, ARESA Grant, 26/11/2009.

Nicolas Maréchal: “Connectivity in WSN with applicative constraints”, PhD thesis from INSA LYON, CEA grant, since 10/2009.

Ruifeng Zhang: “Realistic Modelling and Simulation of the PHY layer in Multi-* Sensor Networks ”, PhD thesis from INSA Lyon, CSN grant, 09/2006.

Theses in preparation

Ibrahim Amadou: “Towards zero control packets in WSN for energy saving”, MENRT grant since 11/2008.

Anya Apavatjrut: “Cooperative techniques and distributed coding for multi-hop networks”, Thailand grant, since 11/2007.

Riadh Ben Abdallah: “Virtual machine for software defined radio”, Inria/CEA grant, since 11/2007.

Ahmed Benfarah: “Security of an UWB-IR radio link PHY/MAC layers approach ”, Orange labs grant, since 11/2009.

Ioan Burciu: “Design of radio front-end for simultaneous multi-band receiver”, Orange labs grant, since 10/2006.

Ochirkhand Erdene-Ochir: “Resilient secure networking for wireless sensor networks”, Orange labs grant, since 10/2009.

Paul Ferrand: “Cooperative communications in BANET”, MENRT, since 10/2009.

Virgile Garcia: “Opportunistic radio resource sharing for next-gen cellular networks”, INRIA/Alcatel-Lucent grant, since 12/2008.

Ahmad Kassem Ahmad: “High level abstraction for network programming”,UBIQUEST project grant, since 11/2009.

Quentin Lampin: “QOS and time-constrained WSN Networks”, Orange labs grant, since 01/10/2009.

Cédric Levy-Bencheton: “Adaptability and reconfigurability of a multi-* physical layer in ad-hoc and sensor networks”, MENRT grant, since 09/2007.

Laurent Maviel: “Wireless heterogeneous networks dynamic planning in urban and indoor non-stationary environments”, CIFRE grant with SIRADEL, since 11/2009.

Benoit Miscopein: “PHY/MAC approach for UWB wireless sensor networks”, PhD thesis from INSA Lyon, Orange labs grant, since 04/2006.

Anis Ouni: “Optimization of capacity and energy consumption in wireless mesh networks”, ECOSCells project grant, since 10/2009.

Bilel Romdhani: “Energy-efficient networking protocols for Wireless Sensors and Actuators Networks”, Orange labs grant, since 10/2008.

Fei Yang: “Real-time communication in Wireless Sensor Networks”, CSN grant, since 10/2007.

Wassim Znaidi: “Risk management and securization of constrained systems in ambient environments ”, Rhône-Alpes grant, since 10/2007.

Participation in HDR Committees

Tanguy Risset: HDR of Loic Lagadec (September, Brest, UBO)[reviewer]

Participation in thesis Committees

Jean-Marie Gorce: thesis of Tuan-Duc Nguyen (May, Rennes, University of Rennes 1)[reviewer], thesis of Elyès Ben Hamida (September, Lyon, INSA Lyon)[chair], thesis of Jeremy Hamon (October, Grenoble, INPG)[chair], thesis of Nicolas Maréchal (October, Lyon, INSA Lyon)[supervisor], thesis of Adil Belhouji (November, Limoges, University of Limoges)[reviewer], thesis of Laurent Clavier (November, Lille, Institut Telecom Lille)[examinator], thesis of Rémy Vannier (December, Lyon, ENS Lyon)[chair], thesis of Ruifeng Zhang (December, Lyon, INSA-Lyon)[supervisor].

Tanguy Risset: thesis of Muhammad RASHID (October, Brest, UBO)[reviewer].

Fabrice Valois: thesis of Rahim Kacimi (September, Toulouse, IRIT)[reviewer], thesis of Christelle Molle (October, Nice, University of Nice-Sophia Antipolis)[reviewer], thesis of Michael Boc (November, Paris, LIP6)[reviewer], thesis of Karel Heurtefeux (November, Lyon, INSA-Lyon)[supervisor], thesis of Alexander Pelov (December, Strasbourg, LSIIT)[reviewer], thesis of Salim Nahle (December, Paris , LIP6)[reviewer].


Anis Ouni: ARC Carma (Fabrice Valois)

Clement Reboul: Hybrid network relay in meshed or sensor networks (Guillaume Villemaud, Tanguy Risset)

Doreid Ammar: Optimization of multi-protocol energy consumption in hydrid networks (Tanguy Risset)

Irfana Memon: Data aggregation techniques for wireless sensor network (Isabelle Augé-Blum)

Jorge Federico Aguirre: Design and implementation of a demonstration of MIMO transmission coupled with simulation measure (Guillaume Villemaud)

Julien Antoine Da Vela: Positionning in sensor network (Jean-Marie Gorce)

Paul Ferrand: Aggregation message authentication codes for wirless sensor networks (Marine Minier)

Sebastien Blanchard: Setup of a MIMO demonstration plateform (Guillaume Villemaud)

Stephane Poignant: Experimental study of network protocols for wireless sensors (Isabelle Augé-Blum)


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