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Section: Other Grants and Activities

Actions Funded by the EC

Projet iPLAN - FP7-PEOPLE-IAPP-2008 (2009-2012, 440 keuros )

Participants : Jean-Marie Gorce, Guillaume Villemaud.

iPLAN ( is a FP7 project of the FP7-PEOPLE-IAPP-2008 call. iPLAN (Indoor Planning) The iPlan consortium is made of the Ranplan Company, the CITI Lab- oratory and the University of Bedfordshire and proposes the study of Indoor planning and optimization models and tools. The aim is to develop fast and accurate radio propagation models, investigate various issues arising from the use of femtocells, develop an automatic indoor radio network planning and optimization and facilitate knowledge integration and transfer between project partners, to enable cross-fertilization between radio propagation modeling, wireless communications, operations research, computing, and software engi- neering.

DistMo4wNet - FP6 fellowship (2006-2010, 240 keuros)

Participants : Jean-Marie Gorce, Katia Jaffrès-Runser.

DistMo4wNet is a FP6 project labelled in the FP6 framework in the outgoing fellowship program. Jean-Marie Gorce is the scientific responsible of the program, and Katia Jaffres-Runser is the applicant. She was supported from January 2007 through June 2009, for two years at the Stevens Institute of Technology where she works with Pr. Cristina Comaniciu on distributed optimization of wireless networks protocols.


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