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Section: Overall Objectives

Overall Objectives

SWING is a joint team between INRIA Rhône Alpes and INSA Lyon that follows the end of the ARES project. Its research fields cover flexible radio node design, agile radio resource sharing, and autonomous wireless networking. These three main research axis are completed by three cross-layer actions that are optimization, security, and prototyping.

The primary era of radio networking is currently ending. Its success mostly relied on a robust but restrictive set of rules: i) protocols are completely defined beforehand, ii) resource allocation policies are mainly designed in a static manner and iii) access network architectures are planned and controlled. Such a model obviously lacks adaptability and hence suffers from a suboptimal behavior. SWING aims at supporting the extensive spawning of radio systems thanks to spontaneous, cooperative and self-organization mechanisms which have to offer higher system capacity, under the constraints of latency, energy and QoS requirements.


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