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Section: Software


Participants : Jean-Marie Gorce [ correspondant ] , Paul Flipo, Guillaume Villemaud.

Wiplan is a software including an Indoor propagation engine and a wireless LAN opti- mization suite, which has been registered by INSA-Lyon. The heart of this software is the propagation simulation core relying on an original method, MR-FDPF (multi-resolution frequency domain ParFlow). The discrete ParFlow equations are translated in the Fourier domain providing a wide linear system, solved in two steps taking advantage of a multi- resolution approach. The first step computes a cell-based tree structure referred to as the pyramid. In the second phase, a radiating source is simulated, taking advantage of the pre-processed pyramidal structure. Using of a full-space discrete simulator instead of classical ray-tracing techniques is a challenge due to the inherent high computation re- quests. However, we have shown that the use of a multi-resolution approach allows the main computation load to be restricted to a pre-processing phase. Extensive works have been done to make predictions more realistic. The network planning and optimization suite is based on a multi-criteria model relying on a Tabu solver.

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