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Section: Dissemination

Scientific activity and coordination

Collective responsibilities within INRIA

Philippe Pucheral has served in the Bureau du Comité des Projets (EPI council) of INRIA Rocquencourt from September 2004 to September 2008 and was in charge of the Mission Formation par la Recherche (Training through Research) at Rocquencourt. He is now member of this council.

Luc Bouganim is vice-president of the recruiting committee for INRIA CR. He is member of the Commission Délégations-Détachements of INRIA Rocquencourt since November 2004. He is the INRIA representative for the summer schools in computer science co-organized by INRIA, CEA and EDF (up to March 2009). He is also co-responsible for the organization of the monthly scientific seminars ("Le modèle et l'Algorithme") at INRIA Rocquencourt (up to March 2009).

Nicolas Anciaux serves as a mediator at Rocquencourt to help solving difficulties which may occur between PhD students and their supervisors.

Collective responsibilities outside INRIA

In 2009, the SMIS members have conducted, or participated to, the following actions in the research community:

Invited talks


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