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Section: Overall Objectives


Smash is a common project between INRIA Sophia Antipolis – Méditerranée and Aix-Marseille University. Its main topic is related to the mathematical and numerical modeling of heterogeneous flows such as multiphase media, granular materials and interface problems.

The first issue deals with the design and improvements of theoretical models for multiphase and interfacial flows. Particular attention is paid to well posedness issues and system's hyperbolicity .

The second issue deals with the design of appropriate numerical schemes . These models are not known as well as conventional single fluid models and pose numerical challenges such as, for example, the numerical approximation of non–conservative terms . These numerical issues pose theoretical questions such as, shock wave existence in multiphase mixture , cell averages of non–conservative variables , Chapman–Jouguet detonation conditions for heterogenous explosives and so on.

The final aim is to implement the resulting algorithms on parallel machines for solving large scale problems for the design of advanced technology systems in Space, Defense and Nuclear energy.

One of the main original features of the Smash researches on heterogeneous flows lies in the way we deal with multiphase mixtures. Our aim is to solve the same equations everywhere with the same numerical method :

An example of such computations is given in the Figure 1 .

Figure 1. Numerical simulation of an underwater missile flying at 600 m/s. Three fluids are present : liquid water, steam and propulsion gases. Two different types of interfaces are present : a contact interface separates steam and combustion gases while an evaporating interface separates metastable expanded liquid and steam. To deal with metastable phase transition, the novel approach of [51] is used. The numerical approximation of the non-conservative hyperbolic system with stiff relaxation is achieved by the method of [16] .

There are some advantages with this approach :

Our approach rises increasing attention from the scientific community as well as the industry . As will be detailed further, many projects are currently under development with french oriented research centers (DGA, CNES, SNECMA) as well as foreign ones (Idaho National Laboratory - USA, ADD, Korea).


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