Team Smash

Overall Objectives
Scientific Foundations
Application Domains
New Results
Contracts and Grants with Industry

Section: Application Domains

Defense Applications


Four contracts with the Gramat Research Center (DGA) are under realization for the modeling of explosions with liquid tanks, granular materials, combustion of particle clouds, phase change etc. The total amount is 2M€ for 6 years work. They will end in 2013.

Solid-fluid coupling

A contract with DGA (REI) is under realization for the modelling of solid-fluid coupling in extreme conditions. The diffuse interface theory is under extension to build equations which will be valid in pure solids, pure fluids as well as interfaces. The total amount is 300 K€ for 3 years work. It will end in 2011.

Hypervelocity underwater missile

A contract with Chungnam National University (South Korea) is starting in order to model supercavitation around a high velocity topedo, propulsed by underwater solid rocket motor. The total amount is 100 K$ for one year work. It will end in 2010, but will possibly continue.


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