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Section: Dissemination

Participation in conferences, seminars ; PhD defenses

J. Barral has given presentations at Tsinghua University (Wen Zhi-Ying team seminar) and at Paris 11-Sud (workshop in honor to Jacques Peyrière).

P.A. Bliman: - Plenary speaker at Nescoc, Symposium on Recent Trends in Networked Systems and Cooperative Control (September 28, 2009, Institute for Systems Theory and Automatic Control, Stuttgart, Germany).

- Presentation in the meeting of the project Diapason (ANR PAN-H), November 2009.

F. Clément: - Invited speaker to the Spring School on Modelling Complex Biological Systems in the Context of Genomics [48] .

- Invited speaker to SISC'09 : Vers une science et ingénierie des systèmes complexes (3ième colloque national RNSC/iXXi/iSC-PiF) [61] .

- Cemracs'09 seminars: Mathematical modelling and control of neuroendocrine systems, July 28th. Supervision (with Philippe Michel, Centrale Lyon) of a Cemracs'09 young researcher project (Hormonal control of coupled structured populations).

M. Sorine: Presentations in the frameworks of the projects 0-DEFECT, INSCAN, EPOQ2.

PhD theses: After the five PhD thesis defended in 2008, this year has seen the arrival of six new PhD students. Xiong Jin will be the next one to defend his PhD (on January, 14 th 2010).


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