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Scientific Foundations
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Section: Dissemination

Scientific animation and responsibilities

P.A. Bliman: - Member of the Program Committee of the 2009 IEEE Conference on Decision and Control (Shanghai, China, December 2009). Member of the CDC Best Student Paper Award Committee.

  - Member of the International Program Committee of the 2010 IEEE Multi-conference on Systems and Control MSC2010 (Yokohama, Japan, September 8-10 2010).

- Member of the Technical Program Committee of the 1st IFAC Workshop on Estimation and Control of Networked Systems, NecSys'09 (24-26 September, 2009, Venice, Italy).

- Member of the Technical Program Committee of Colibri, Colloque dÕInformatique: Brésil / INRIA, Coopérations, Avancées et Défis (22-23 September, 2009, Bento Gonalves, Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil).

- French coordinator of the INRIA-FAPESP Cooperation Program `Parameter-dependent semidefinite programming in robust control. Application to analysis of dynamical system interaction networks.' (February 2007–January 2009). Partner: Unicamp (Campinas, Brazil).

  - Responsible for INRIA of the STIC-AmSud International Research Program `Analysis and synthesis for dynamical systems submitted to nonlinearities, uncertainties and delays' (January 2008–December 2009). Apart from INRIA, partners are: LAAS (Toulouse), Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Sul (Porto-Alegre, Brazil), Unicamp (Campinas, Brazil), Universidad de Concéption (Chile).

  - Responsible for INRIA, Rocquencourt Research center, of the activities of the Multi-partner Marie Curie Training Site entitled Control Training Site (beginning in 2002).

- Responsible for INRIA of the ANR contract DIAPASON (Diagnostic methods for fuel cell power generator for automotive applications and stationary applications without instrumentation).

- Scientist in charge of latin America at Department of International Affairs, INRIA.

- Associate Editor of Systems & Control Letters.

  - Elected at INRIA Commission d'évaluation.

  - Member of the board for recruitment of Chargés de recherche (Centre de recherche INRIA, Saclay, 2009).

F. Clément: - INRA (National Institute for Agronomic Research) examination board for junior research scientist recruitment.

- AERES evaluation committee of UMR 791 INRA-AgroParisTech (Physiologie de la Nutrition et Alimentation).

- Appointed member of the scientific board of the PHASE (Animal Physiology and Breeding Systems) department of INRA

- Appointed member of the scientific board of the INRA Research Centre of Jouy-en-Josas.

- Co-organisation (with Alexandre Vidal and Jean-Pierre Françoise) of the international workshop "Dynamical systems and Neuroendocrinology" ( ), Paris, October 16th.

  - Scientific head of the Large Scale Initiative Action REGATE (REgulation of the GonAdoTropE axis) ( ).

- PhD Thesis examination board (Benjamin Ambrosio, Propagation d'ondes dans un milieu excitable: simulations numériques et approche analytique, Univ. Paris 6).

M. Sorine: - Member of the International Program Committees for the FIMH'09, JDMACS 2009 (Journées Doctorales d'Automatique), FES 2009 (System Theory: Modelling, Analysis and Control) conferences, CIFA 2010.

- Member of several PhD committees.

Q. Zhang: - Member of IFAC Technical Committee on Fault Detection, Supervision and Safety of Technical Processes (SAFEPROCESS).

- Member of the International Program Committee of the 15th IFAC Symposium on System Identification SYSID 2009.


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