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Section: Overall Objectives

Overall Objectives

This Research-Team created in July 2007 is a follow-up of SOSSO2 Research-Team.

SISYPHE (SIgnals and Systems in PHysiology and Engineering) is studying questions raised by some complex dynamical systems issued from Physiology and Engineering: modeling; identification and observation from signals ; real-time health monitoring or control. We consider networked or multi-scale dynamical systems involving exchanges of energy or control information among scales and subsystems or quantum & quantum-like systems. Most studies are motivated by health monitoring of the cardiovascular and reproductive systems or of some critical engineering systems. In monitoring of hemodynamic or electrical networks, a natural quantization is leading to quantum-like systems. This leads us to consider more generally some prospective questions of system theory arising from the emerging domain of “quantum engineering”.

The research on the cardiovascular system is done, in part, in the framework of CardioSense3D (3D-electro-mechanical modeling of the heart and estimation of patient specific parameters for clinical applications), an Inria Large-Scale Initiative Action (LSIA). The research on the reproductive system is done in the framework of REGATE (REgulation of the GonAdoTropE axis), a new Inria LSIA coordinated by F. Clément.

Research topics leading to long-term projects and collaborations:

Signals & Systems:

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