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Section: Scientific Foundations

PDEs for Particles and Fluids

The scientific activity of the project is concerned with PDEs arising from the physical description of particles and fluids. It covers various viewpoints:

By nature these problems describe multiscale phenomena and one of the major difficulties when studying them lies in the interactions between the various scales: number of particles, size, different time and length scales, coupling...

The originality of the project is to consider a wide spectrum of potential applications. In particular, the word “particles” covers various and very different physical situations, like for instance:

- charged particles: description of semi-conductor devices or plasmas;

- photons, as arising in radiative transfer theory and astrophysics;

- neutrons, as arising in nuclear engineering;

- bacteria, individuals or genes as in models motivated by biology or population dynamics;

- planets or stars as in astrophysics;

- vehicles in traffic flow modelling;

- droplets and bubbles, as in Fluid/Particles Interaction models which arise in the description of sprays and aerosols, smoke and dust, combustion phenomena (aeronautics or engine design), industrial process in metallurgy...

We aim at focusing on all the aspects of the problem:

The team has been composed in order to study these various aspects simultaneously. In particular, we wish to keep a balance between modelling, analysis, development of original codes and simulations.


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