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The SIMPAF project mainly emanates from the PDE team of the department Paul Painlevé (UMR 8524 of CNRS) of the University of Sciences and Technologies of Lille (USTL); it has also strong interaction with other math departments in the North area (Amiens, Valenciennes) and in Paris.

Section: Members

Research Scientist

Thierry Goudon [ Team Leader, Senior Researcher (DR) INRIA, HdR ]
Mathias Rousset [ Research Assistant (CR) INRIA ]
Guillaume Dujardin [ Research Assistant (CR) INRIA ]
Jean-François Coulombel [ Junior Researcher (CR) CNRS, HdR ]
Antoine Gloria [ Ing. Corps des Ponts ]

Faculty Member

Christophe Besse [ Professor USTL, on a temporary INRIA position, HdR ]
Caterina Calgaro [ Assistant Prof. USTL ]
Jean-Paul Chehab [ Professor Univ. Amiens, HdR ]
Emmanuel Creusé [ Professor USTL, HdR ]
Stephan De Bièvre [ Professor USTL, HdR ]
Pauline Lafitte [ Assistant Prof. USTL ]
Frédéric Lagoutière [ Prof. Univ. Paris 11, HdR ]
Ingrid Lacroix-Violet [ Assistant Prof. USTL ]

PhD Student

Manal Hussein [ started in 2005, advised by O. Goubet and T. Goudon ]
Saja Borghol [ started in 2006, advised by C. Besse and T. Goudon ]
Bénédicte Aguer [ started in 2007, advised by S. De Bièvre and P. Lafitte ]
Anne Devys [ started in 2007, advised by T. Goudon and P. Lafitte ]
Pauline Klein [ started in 2007, advised by X. Antoine, Univ. Nancy & EPI Corida and C. Besse ]
Martin Parisot [ started in 2008, advised by T. Goudon ]
Léon Matar Tiné [ started in 2008, Gaston Berger University, Saint-Louis, Senegal, advised by M. Sy, T. Goudon, F. Lagoutière ]
Chang Yang

Post-Doctoral Fellow

Benjamin Boutin [ INRIA ]

Administrative Assistant

Sandrine Catillon [ Secretary (SAR) INRIA ]


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