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Section: New Results

Non ribosomal peptides synthesis

Participants : Ségolène Caboche, Gregory Kucherov, Maude Pupin.

Study of NRPs monomeric composition

The rationale of a large-scale study of monomers of nonribosomal peptides is that such a study was not possible before the advent of Norine , because it requires a complete list of these peptides annotated with the list of composing monomers. We discovered a significant difference in monomeric compositions of bacterial and fungi NRPs. Moreover, the monomeric composition can often be used as a signature of the producing organism or the biological activity of the NRP. A prediction software, based on these observations, has been created. Two papers describing these findings are in preparation.


Ségolène Caboche obtain her PhD thesis in computational science the 8th of September [12] .

External recognition

We have been contacted by the Worldwide Protein Data Bank [34] (wwPDB) that maintains a unique freely available archive of macromolecular structural data. wwPDB started to use Norine entry identifiers as external references along with the UniProt [40] (Universal Protein Resource) accession codes for gene product sequences. Recently, Norine has been described in an issue of Methods in Enzymology dedicated to microbial natural products biosynthesis [33] .


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