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Section: Other Grants and Activities

National Actions

select is animating a working group on model selection and statistical analysis of genomics data with the Biometrics group of Institut Agronomique Nationale Paris-Grignon (INAPG).

Pascal Massart is co-organizing a working group at ENS (Ulm) on Statistical Learning. This year the group focused interest on regularisation methods in regression. Most of select members are involved in this working group.

select is animating a working group on Classification, Statistics and fMRI imaging with Neurospin.

Jean-Michel Poggi is member of the Scientific Committee as well as the Organizing Committee of the colloquium MATHS A VENIR 2009 which promote the strong connections between mathematics on one side and industry, society and other sciences on the other side.


Participant : Marc Lavielle.

The monolix group chaired by Marc Lavielle and France Mentré (INSERM) is a multidisciplinary group, that exchanges and develops activities in the field of mixed effect models. It involves scientists with various backgrounds, interested both in the study and applications of these models academic statisticians (theoretical developments), researchers from INSERM (applications in pharmacology) and INRA (applications in agronomy, animal genetics and microbiology), and scientists from the medical faculty of Lyon-Sud University (applications in oncology). This multi-disciplinary group, born in October 2003, has been meeting every month.

Moreover, Marc Lavielle was responsible of an ANR project (projet blanc) on the Monolix software which started in 2006. This project was selected for an oral presentation at the Cité des Sciences in February 2009.


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