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Section: Software

MONOLIX software

Participants : Marc Lavielle [ Correspondant ] , Benoît Charles, Kaelig Chatel, Morgan Guery, Hector Mesa.

monolix ( ) is free software dedicated to the analysis of non linear mixed effects models. The objective of the monolix software is to perform:

Several stochastic algorithms are used in monolix : Stochastic approximation of EM (SAEM), Importance Sampling, MCMC, and Simulated Annealing... Theoretical properties of the proposed algorithms and practical applications were published in several papers.

Marc Lavielle has presented the software in several occasions:

Version 3.1 of monolix is available since October 2009. This version of the software was developed thanks to the financial support of Novartis, Roche, J&J, Sanofi-Aventis, Exprimo. This version was presented during the MONOLIX Day on November 16th at the Maison de la Recherche, Paris.

The MONOLIX Project consists primarily in developing the next versions of the MONOLIX software with a view to raising its level of functionalities and responding to major requirements of the bio-pharmaceutical industry.

The MONOLIX Project is carried out by INRIA, and sponsored by the Industry.

The MONOLIX Scientific Guidance Committee involves representatives of the sponsors.

We have obtained from INRIA Saclay-Île-de-France an ADT (Action Développment Logiciel) to hire two engineers (Kaelig Chatel until August 2009, Hector Mesa).

We have obtained from DIGITEO an OMTE (Opération de Maturation Technico-Economique) to hire one engineer (Kaelig Chatel from September 2009), market assessment and intellectual property coaching.


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