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Section: Application Domains


Since several years, select has collaborations with EDF-DER Fiabilité des Composants et Structures group. An important theme was the problem of aging modelling of nuclear material components in order to analyse the durability of nuclear plants. Since 2007 a new theme has been introduced in this collaboration. It concerns the resolution of inverses problems using simulation tools to analyse incertainty in highly complex physical systems.

The other major theme concerns fatigue rupture analysis based on a research collaboration based on a research collaboration with SAFRAN an high-technology group (Aerospace propulsion, Aicraft equipment, Defense Security, Communications). The aim is to perform an efficient statistical control of aircraft equipment production processes.

The LASSO is a selection method for linear regression. It minimizes the sum of squared errors, with a penalty on the sum of the absolute values of the coefficients. The objectif of Pierre Connault, in his PhD, is to calibrate automatically that penalty.

The fatigue strength of aeronotics equipments is tested from cyclic applications of stress on small steel test-tubes. How do these results on test-tubes can be extrapolated to reliability analysis of the entire equipment ? A probabilistic model is proposed by select .


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