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Section: Other Grants and Activities

International initiatives

French-Japanese Project

This project is a focused collaborative project, supported by CNRS and the Japan Science and Technology agency. The main goals are similar to the Formacrypt project described above: the aim is to produce security proofs at a symbolic level, while deriving precise computational assumptions, under which the proofs can be transferred at the computational level.

The idea is to bring, on this focused research area, both cryptographers and specialists of formal methods, and both Japanese and French researchers. The activities include an annual meeting (the first one being organized in Japan, in April 2009) and visits on both sides. Hubert Comon-Lundh has been visiting the Research Center for Information Security during two years (partly supported by INRIA). Other visits from the French side include S. Kremer and S. Bursuc for instance.

On the result side, there is a joint paperĀ [20] (by H. Comon-Lundh, Y. Kawamoto and H. Sakurada), that appeared in the JSIAM letters (May 2009). This paper is about anonymity proofs for ring signatures, in an unbounded network. In this work, H. Comon-Lundh brought an expertise in formal methods and concurrency and the Japanese side an expertise in cryptographic primitives related to digital signatures.

This is typically the goal of the project: produce such collaborative results coming from two countries and two different research communities.


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