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Section: Software

The KISS tool (previously TERM)

Participant : Ştefan Ciobâcă [ in charge ] .

The intruder deduction problem is to decide if an intruder can compute a certain message T from a certain set of messages M . The static equivalence problem is to decide if an intruder can distinguish between two sequences of messages M1 and M2 . Messages are modeled as terms and the cryptographic primitives are modeled as function symbols. The properties of the cryptographic primitives are modeled by an equational theory.

KISS (Knowledge in Security Protocols) is a tool that solves the intruder deduction problem and the static equivalence problem for a certain class of convergent equational theories. In particular, KISS is known to terminate in polynomial time for subterm convergent equational theories and for other equational theories useful in e-voting protocols such as blind signatures and trapdoor commitment.

The algorithm implemented in KISS is described in [30] .


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