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Section: Other Grants and Activities

Other external funding

National initiatives

ANR RAPIDE (01/07$ \rightarrow$12/10 )

Design and analysis of stream ciphers dedicated to constraint environments

Partners: LORIA (project-team CACAO), INRIA (project-team SECRET), INSA Lyon (team Middleware/Security), University of Limoges (XLIM).

151 kEuros.

This project focuses on stream ciphers and especially on stream ciphers with an internal state governed by a non-linear transition function. We particularly draw our attention to ciphers whose characteristics make them especially fit constrained environments. These systems were not particularly studied up to now but could be good candidates to the replacement of stream ciphers based on linear transition functions (LFSR based) whose security tends to be less and less satisfying. The results of the project are practical as well as theoretical and concern both design and analysis of such stream ciphers.

ANR EDHASH (01/07$ \rightarrow$12/09 )

Evaluation and Design of secure HASH functions

Partners: INRIA (project-team SECRET) and UVSQ/PRISM (Crypto team).

123 kEuros.

This project had two purposes: understanding the recent attacks on cryptographic hash functions and suggesting new constructions based on coding theory. The results obtained with this project include new developments on the cryptanalysis of SHA-0 and SHA-1, and new constructions of hash functions, in particular the FSB proposal which has been submitted to the SHA-3 competition.

ANR DEMOTIS (02/09$ \rightarrow$02/12 )

Collaborative Analysis, Evaluation and Modelling of Health Information Technology

ANR program: ARPEGE (Systèmes Embarqués et Grandes Infrastructures)

Partners: Sopinspace, INRIA (project-teams SECRET and SMIS), CNRS/CECOJI

55 kEuros.

DEMOTIS brings together computer scientists and legal scholars. The project experiments new methods for the multidisciplinary design of large information systems that have to take in account legal, social and technical constraints. Its main field of application is personal health information systems. Most notably, work is conducted in priority on the infrastructure for the French personal medical file system (DMP) and secondarily on the data infrastructure for the research and public health networks associated with specific diseases (AIDS, cancer).

At the heart of the DEMOTIS project is the aim to understand how the intrication between the legal and technical domains constrains the design of such data infrastructures. DEMOTIS consists of two interdependent facets: legal and computer science (database security, cryptographical techniques for data protection).

ANR SAPHIR-2 (03/09$ \rightarrow$03/13 )

Security and Analysis of Primitives of Hashing Innovatory and Recent 2

ANR program: VERSO (Réseaux du Futur et Services)

Partners: France Telecom, Gemalto, Cryptolog international, EADS SN, Sagem Sécurité, ENS/LIENS, UVSQ/PRISM, INRIA (project-team SECRET), ANSSI

153 kEuros

This industrial research project aims at participating to the NIST competition (cryptanalysis, implementations, optimizations, etc.), and in supporting the SHA-3 candidates proposed by its partners.

ANR COCQ (01/09$ \rightarrow$01/12 )

Codes correcteurs quantiques

ANR program: Domaines émergents

Partners: ENSEA, INRIA (project-team SECRET), Université de Bordeaux, Telecom ParisTech

117 kEuros

This project deals with the development of fundamental research on error correcting codes for quantum channels. In particular, we aim to suggest suitable generalizations to the quantum setting of the best known families of quantum codes (such as LDPC or turbo-codes) and to analyze their performance.


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