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Section: New Results

Virtual machine

Participants : Fabienne Boyer, Noël De Palma, Olivier Gruber, Jean-Bernard Stefani, Benoit Claudel, Ludovic Demontes, Stéphane Fontaine, Jérémy Philippe.

As part of a more global goal of constructing a reflective virtual machine for component systems, we have studied issues of memory safety and isolation between concurrent components. This work is reported in the PhD thesis of Benoît Claudel [13] . Our approach comprises:

This combination of features is original compared to the current state of the art exemplified e.g. by the Singularity operating system [70] , where messages exchanged between isolation units (called processes in Singularity) are restricted to have a tree structure. A simpler and potentially more efficient virtual machine design for the same asynchronous model, which relies on simple read barriers and a combination of alias and control flow analysis, has also been devised and is currently being implemented.


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