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Section: Application Domains

Application Domains

Sardes develops generic tools for distributed applications, in the form of languages, middleware, system kernels, and information servers. These tools are useful in application domains that have one or more of the following properties.

Applications are important for a project like Sardes , in which experimental aspects play a significant part. They provide testbeds to evaluate prospective designs, and they help us establish links with industrial partners, allowing us to transfer results and to identify relevant research problems.

In recent years, Sardes has been active in the following application areas:

  1. Electronic commerce: flexible access to remote services by mobile users, efficient transaction management.

  2. Embedded computing: development of custom made kernels for specific applications (robotics, real time), dynamically reconfigurable kernels;

  3. Multimedia applications: dynamic adaptation of a videoconferencing system for use by mobile clients;

  4. Power supply : administration and monitoring of power supply networked equipment, e.g. uninterrupted power supply units.

  5. Telecommunications : administration of large scale networks, servers and caches for the Web, management of configurable added value services;


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