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Section: Dissemination


Cédric Augonnet gave seminars about StarPU at the Workshop on Massively Multiprocessor and Multicore Computers organized by INRIA (Rocquencourt, Feb. 09), at the ANR PROHMPT meeting (Bordeaux), at the UVSQ (Versailles, Jun. 09), at the ”GTGPU” meeting in Bordeaux University (Bordeaux, Oct. 09) and at CEA/DAM (Bruyères-le-Chatel, Nov. 09).

Olivier Aumage gave a seminar at the ANR PROHMPT meeting (Bordeaux, Mar. 09) about fine grain multithreading on modern architectures.

Alexandre Denis gave a seminar about “Managing communications in a multi-threaded context” at the NEGST workshop in Versailles (March 2009), a seminar about “High-performance runtime systems for contemporary parallel architectures” at the PAAP workshop in Kyoto (April 2009), a seminar about “Optimizing communications on clusters of multicores” at the first workshop of the INRIA–University of Illinois joint lab (Paris, June 2009).

Brice Goglin was invited at the STFC Daresbury Laboratory (UK) to give a seminar about high-performance message over Ethernet with Open-MX (Jan. 2009). He also gave a seminar about Open-MX on the Cisco booth at the SuperComputing conference (Portland, Oregon, Nov. 2009).

Samuel Thibault gave several seminars about StarPU at the COST Complex HPC meeting in Lisbonne (Oct. 2009) and at the ”CIGIL” meeting in Lille (Dec. 2009).

François Trahay gave two seminars about NewMadeleine and PIOMan at the University of Tokyo (Japan) in Apr. 2009 and Dec. 2009.

Stéphanie Moreaud gave a seminar about high-performance communication between MPI processes on multicore architectures at the Junior Researchers Meeting on Multicores and Multiprocessors (Paris, June 09).


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