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Section: Other Grants and Activities


Raymond Namyst has spent two weeks (November 2009) at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (USA). He has worked with the team of Pr Wen Mei Hwu on the optimization of parallel applications for heterogeneous architectures equipped with GPU accelerators. This collaboration is supported by the INRIA-UIUC joint laboratory ( 8.10 ).

GuillaumeMercier visited the Argonne National Laboratory (Illinois) for two weeks in 2009. This visit took place in the framework of the “Associate Team” MPI-Runtime between Runtime and the Radix Lab, responsible for the development of the MPICH2 software.

Alexandre Denis , Guillaume Mercier , Raymond Namyst and François Trahay visited the University of Tokyo, Japan, for an aggregate duration of 6 weeks. These visits took place in the framework of the PHC Sakura between Runtime and the Parallel and Distributed System Software Laboratory. Several talks were given regarding the NewMadeleine communication library and the PIOMan progression engine.


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