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Section: Other Grants and Activities

Associate Team between Runtime and MPICH2 team

Participants : Brice Goglin, Guillaume Mercier, Stéphanie Moreaud, François Trahay.

Our proposal for an associate team between our group and the MPICH2 development team was accepted in December 2007 and renewed in 2008 and 2009. Thanks to this Associate Team program, visits from both sides have been scheduled throughout this year. NewMadeleine has been integrated as a network module in the Nemesis communication channel (which is now the default communication channel in MPICH2 since release 1.1). A paper ([36] ) describing this work has been published the to the IPDPS conference. This work has triggered some reflections about the support of tag-matching capable interfaces and networks in MPICH2. This has lead to the development of a new version of the MX module that implements the support for Myrinet networks in MPICH2. Also some work regarding the integration of some mechanisms of the Open-MX software into the Nemesis channel has started during this year and the results are very promising [27] . We also integrated our hwloc (see Section  5.2 ) into MPICH2 allowing its new process manager (Hydra) to take advantage of the knowledge of the underlying architecture [25] .


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