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Section: Other Grants and Activities

NEGST (NExt Grid Systems and Techniques)

Participants : Alexandre Denis, Raymond Namyst.

3 years, january 2006 – march 2009.

This project is funded by the CNRS and Japan Science and Technology Agency and is led by Serge Petiton (INRIA Grand-Large) and Ken Miura (National Institute of Informatics Center for Grid Research and Development).

It aims at promoting collaborations between Japan and France on grid computing technology. Following successful France-Japan workshops hosted by CNRS in Paris and NEREGI/NII in Tokyo, three important novel research issues have been identified: 1) Instant Grid and virtualization of grid computing resources, 2) Grid Metrics and 3) Grid Interoperability and Applications. The objective is to accelerate the intensive works of several research teams in these subjects in both countries. An international testbed including the French Grid'5000 project and its Japanese counterpart NEREGI is used to demonstrate and validate systems, software and applications.

A new proposal “Framework and Programming for Post-Petascale Computing (FP3C)” for the ANR-JST program is currently beeing submitted.


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