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Section: Other Grants and Activities

International Initiatives

Participants : Stéphane Ducasse [ correspondant ] , Simon Denier, Marcus Denker.


This project focuses on software remodularization. Aspects, Traits and Classboxes are proven software mechanisms to provide modules in software applications. However, reenginering-based methodologies using these mechanisms have not yet been explored so far. This project intents to show how visualization and clustering techniques (such as Formal Concept Analysis) are useful to cope with the comprehension and transformation of module-based applications to applications which also use these mechanisms. The research results will be applied in a common reenginering platform MOOSE to show the applicability of the concepts.

CoReA spans three research institutions: INRIA (the Lille Nord Europe research center, France), University of Chile (Santiago, Chile), LIFIA - Universidad Nacional de La Plata (La Plata, Argentina). The three national project leaders are Dr. Gabriela Arévalo (LIFIA - UNLP), Dr. Alexandre Bergel (INRIA), Prof. Dr. Johan Fabry (University of Chile). The international coordinator is Dr. Alexandre Bergel. Participants are: Prof. Dr. Eric Tanter (University of Chile), and Dr. Stéphane Ducasse (senior scientist at INRIA).


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