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Section: Other Grants and Activities

European Initiatives

Participants : Stéphane Ducasse [ correspondant ] , Veronica Uquillaz-Gomez, Marcus Denker.


Participant : Stéphane Ducasse [ correspondant ] .

The Belgium IAP (Interuniversity Attraction Poles) MoVES (Fundamental Issues in Software Engineering: Modeling, Verification and Evolution of Software) is a project whose partners are the Belgium universities (VUB, KUL, UA, UCB, ULB, FUNDP, ULg, UMH) and three European institutes (INRIA, IC and TUD) respectively from France, Great Britain and Netherlands. This consortium combines the leading Belgian research teams and their neighbors in software engineering, with recognized scientific excellence in MDE, software evolution, formal modeling and verification, and AOSD. The project focusses on the development, integration and extension of state-of-the-art languages, formalisms and techniques for modeling and verifying dependable software systems and supporting the evolution of Software-intensive systems. The project has started in January 2007 and is scheduled for a 60-months period. Read more at .

Réseau ERCIM Software Evolution

We are involved in the ERCIM Software Evolution working group since its inception. We participated at his creation when we were at the University of Bern.

Associated Team with University of Bern and Montréal (REMOOSE)

REMOOSE is a collaboration between INRIA Lille, SCG University of Bern/Switzerland and Université de Montréal, Canada. The theme of the collaboration is remodularisation of object oriented systems. The collaboration started in 2008 and is now in its second year.


Workshops and Seminars. In the context of REMOOSE, we organized one international workshop and two seminars:

Publication production. This year saw the public release of two books by authors of the REMOOSE associated team.

In addition we collaborated on several joint publications. Here is the list of joint papers so far:


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