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Section: Software

BDTS: Bulk Data Transfer Scheduling Service

Participants : Sébastien Soudan, Dinil Mon Divakaran, Pascale Vicat-Blanc Primet.

The coordination of resource allocation among end points in controlled networks may require a service to transfer large data sets within time intervals. Such transfers commonly start some time after its request, use any variable bandwidth, and must complete before a deadline. BDTS is a software for Bulk Data Transfer Scheduling which gives users, applications or middleware the possibility to specify transfer requests as transfer jobs, and ensure a transparent control of them within controlled networks. BDTS manipulates and produces profiles which are step functions that express variable bandwidth assignment over time. BDTS incorporates a scheduler to divide the time windows of overlapping transfer jobs into multiple intervals. BDTS implements a multi-interval scheduling algorithm which minimizes the congestion factor of the network. It assigns independent bandwidth values to each transfer job at each interval, producing a bandwidth profile for each transfer job.

During this year, BDTS software has been enhanced to better fit the network model where users can provision their own infrastructure. This has been done first by defining a model of interaction between the different actors: users, service providers and network operator with the associated scheduling and network provisioning problem. And secondly by defining a solution based on a linear program to solve it. This part is now integrated in BDTS and will be reused to provision Carriocas's pilot network. BDTS has been demonstrated in SC'08. BDTS is distributed under LGPL license and downloadable at :


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