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Section: Overall Objectives


RESO aims at providing software solutions but also original processes for high performance and flexible communications on very high speed networking infrastructures and for an efficient exploitation of these infrastructures. The goal of our research is to provide analysis of the limitations of the current communication and network software and protocols designed for standard networks and traditional usages, and to propose optimization and control mechanisms for the end-to-end performance, quality of service, energy efficiency and resource optimization. RESO explores original and innovative end-to-end transport services and protocols that meet the needs of high end applications. These solutions must scale in increasing bandwidths, heterogeneity and number of flows.

RESO studies high speed networks and their traffic characteristics, high end applications requirements, creates open source code, distributes it to the research community for evaluation and usage and help in shortening the wizard gap between network experts and novices. The long term goal is also to contribute to the evolution of protocols, standards and networking equipments, prompting the introduction of metrology as an intrinsic component of high-speed networks. An important effort is naturally dedicated to the dissemination of these new approaches.


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